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Here we are, back to the starting point with our flight scheduled for 2 days from today. The train arrived at around 9am to the station, and fortunately nothing bad happened, we were just super tired. The first thing we had to do was to search some place to stay the remaining nights. I must say that for the price we got (roughly 18-20$ per night) we got one of the best places to stay in Myanmar. And if we take into consideration that we were in the capital during the most important festivity of the year, I should say that we got the room without any trouble.

The first of the three days in Yangon was a waste. We should have stayed at the guest house to have some rest after that troublesome night, but instead we decided to head out and hang around the city (we actually went quite far from the city center). The festival was at full throttle, but in Yangon was softer than in Mandalay because motorcycles can’t ride there. However, as I said, not resting on that morning was a big mistake because we were very tired and with little patience to get wet every 100m while always smiling to everyone that approached us.

We ended up enjoying our morning just resting our bodies. After lunch we took the circular train, a train that rides a circle around the city passing through a lot of rural areas otherwise unseen while walking around. Of course that we found a lot of tourists there, even a monk sitting in front of us enjoying the ride. Since the Thingyan was still on it was super normal to people throw buckets of water through the windows in every train stop. We got king of lucky to be sitting in front of a monk because, as a sign of respect, people should not throw water and get the monk wet.

On the circular train.

On the afternoon we hung around the city centre as there was a stage with a lot of animation for the national tv. The big difference between Mandalay and Yangon is that while in Mandalay was a big bunch of teenagers getting drunk and driving around the city in their motorcycles, in Yangon it felt more like a family environment. However, as in every place where people get drunk, a fight exploded from nowhere between a guy and what seemed to some people from a stand that was selling stuff. Guys running, beating each other, chairs hitting a guy’s back, tables flying, everything you could think of in a space of 2 minutes. I tried to understand what was that about, but my conversation with a local went something like this:

“Hey, you know what happened?”


“What happened?”


I could only follow with a smile…

On the festivities.
On the festivities 2.
On the festivities 3.

The last 2 days in Yangon were mainly used to wonder through the city and to rest. After 3 fast paced weeks with no rest, we were feeling tired and weren’t much into adventures, also we already knew the majority of the city so I’ll just leave here some pictures of the last couple of days.

"Hey, you need something?"
Meat selling on the streets of Yangon.
Hindu temple.
"A walk in the park".

And that’s it folks. It were 3 very tiring weeks but well worth it. Overall I loved that part of the world because of the scenery, culture and above all, the people. If you want to check out more photos of the trip, feel free to check Flickr.

The end.