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Qom #9 - Iran

Qom is the second holiest city in Iran, home of the incredible Fatima Masumeh Shrine, the resting place of the daughter of the seventh Imam.

Masouleh #8 - Iran

Very famous among locals, Masouleh is an architectural beauty where rooftops and courtyards mix together.

Alamut Valley #7 - Iran

Zarabad in the Alamut Valley is a calm and typical town with mountains and a spectacular nature all around.

Kashan #6 - Iran

Kashan is a city in the Isfahan province best known for its famous historic houses. Its charm is thus mainly due to the contrast between the parched immensities of the deserts a...

Esfahan #5 - Iran

Esfahan, also known as Half of the World, is the most friendly city in Iran, home of the most beautiful mosques in the country.

Varzaneh #4 - Iran

Varzaneh is the perfect gateway for those wanting to get off the beaten track and visiting a salt lake and a desert on the same day.